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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm still alive...

Just really busy... the problem with real life is that it often gets in the way, that's what's happening now... my profession means that I am often so busy I can't even check into Flickr, let alone anything else! So, please bare with me, I will be posting and running contests as much as I possibly can. I have been going through some of the backlog and have picked out a few figs worthy of posting - I am sure I have missed some, sorry! Please draw my attention to anything you think is noteworthy which I have overlooked.

Not technically customized minifigures but the names made me chuckle... here we have minifigs ready for trick or treating, Soldiermort, Dwarlf Vader, Balboa Fett, Lumber Jack, Spider-can and Batman by Ezra Balanga.
Keeper of the Keys here by Mike Bernd - nice Halloween themed minifig here (wish it had been entered into the contest!)  and there are a couple more on his flickr photostream. This figure features a head from

Link's Cap DX by M1ngles... yet another must have custom item for all nintendo fans brought to you by M1ngles (and can be bought via his Shapeways store). Can't recommend this guy enough!

Customizer Fianat has caught my eye recently... having a go at sculpting parts to accompany official lego parts. Have a look at some of his customs here...

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