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Here is my first steps into Blogging... odd as I am quite old [that doesn't quite sound like I wanted it too!]
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I love Lego and that's what I'll be blogging about, from great minifigs to awesome mocs via whatever else I find (o:

Monday, 24 October 2011

Just a few customs while you wait

Classic COG gear by Flying Jalopy and here are a few more from him...

I like the simple blue highlighting...

and this selection of super squids by Captain Redstorm just made me chuckle (o:

This Custom Classic Alien by Praiter Yed is also very nicely put together, I like the decals (sticker thingys).

Good Evening!

Hello! and I start with a heartfelt apology... sorry to have been a bit quiet of recent weeks, the last week of term is always very hectic what with parent appointments and assessments being due in. But, now I have a week off (well, sort of... I'm afraid I do still have work to do) I hope to catch up with posting.

Some important information...

If you would like to win one of the Lego sets pictured above, head over to Burakki's Bricks minifig design contest over on flickr. There is currently an 'anything goes' Halloween themed minifigure design contest going on. The best two designs will pocket themselves one of these holiday themed sets. We have had a few entries so far but I'd love to see more. Can you freak me out of my skin? Go on, give it a try!

Stay tuned into the blog because within a few days I have some more good news regarding upcoming contests and some special customs of my own up my sleeves (o:  and once again, thank you for your patience!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Short round-up...

Here are a few customs which I have been meaning to blog... so, lets go (o:
Not a massive fan of military customs, just not something I'm very interested in. However, this Panzer Grenadier by Lakuda's customs and surplus certainly warrants a mention. There are some lovely custom parts here and a wee bit of painting too. Check out the back...

Next up a bit of digital lego magic from mnap75 - loving the marvel/star wars mash up here (probably my favourite kind of mash up!) This guy has LOADS of awesome digital marvel stuff on his flickr stream, so check it out!

eclipseGrafx is up next with a Jet Trooper sporting the new BrickArms shock cannon proto. Some excellent customizing here, which is what we have come to expect from eclipseGrafx - liking the paint job very much and a bonus if it is donated to creations for charity!

Bansheeshee has got some good rust going on here on this rebuilding society minifig...

Winner announcement!

Hello Minifig customizers! It is time to announce the winner for the second Burakki's Bricks minifig design competition: "Legolympics 3012". The competition was tough again and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who entered for taking the time and making the effort - if it was upto me (and I could afford it) I would crown everyone a winner for participating. However, I can't and there can be only one winner - this time around the judges went for "Legolympics 3012: Vitual Boxing" by Tom Leech.
Although the presentation of this minifig was exceptional, the judges liked the customising of the torso/legs - I particularly liked the virtual boxing helmet with the wires. Congratulations Tom!

Now for my runners up - who will recieve a small prize from me.... "The Gladiator" By TheRaconteur.
I really liked how this minifig looked like he had already seen a lot of legolympic action and survived - rust effect is kuhl. I also like the use of the minifig skis as a shield. Well Done!

Now, for best new Legolympic event... (not strictly for the minifig design here, which is why it wasn't a main winner). "Radioactive Spitting" by Martian Cthulhu.
Can all winners get in touch for details of claiming their prizes! 
Didn't place this time? Head over to the contest group on flickr and enter the current Halloween themed contest for your chance to win some Halloween Lego!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Halloween Contest!! (it's minifig contest 2.5)

Hello all!  I am pleased to announce a mini design contest will commence tommorow and will be open for 2 weeks, closing on Sunday 31st October at 11.59 pm (GMT). Your challenge will be to design and create a Halloween themed Lego Minifig. There will be 2 small prizes for the two best custom minifigures. These prizes are the two seasonal halloween themed Lego sets - 40020 and 40021.

I will post more details on the flickr contest group page tommorow. Also, the Legolympic 3012 contest closes tonight, winners will be announced sometime later this week. Thanks again to the people over at Firestar Toys for sponsoring the main minifig design contests.

Kit Fisto Custom

Check out this amazing representation of Jedi Master Kit Fisto by Vieral. I've never been a huge fan of the Lego version of Kit Fisto... something about the eyes I think. This version, with a head sculpted in epoxy putty, is a much better likeness. Just the fact that that head has been hand sculpted and painted is amazing. I know how hard it can be to achieve a sculpt when you're working in minifig scale, so hats off to Vieral! Have a look at the back...

(also my 100th post..! wow, that was quick)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Gears of War

I don't play it.... it's not my genre of minifig customising... but I can cetainly appriciate the effort  ~McLovin~ has put into making these customs.

Nice custom clones

Ryffranck029 has been working hard putting these minifigs together, Jetpacks done!...see below for some wip pictures. I like the decals that have been applied to the jetpacks in particular. I do love Lego star wars but I've never really been that interested in collecting (or creating) all the different clones. Work like this, and by people like minifig maker, does make me think I might have a go one day (o:

He has also put together this pretty nice custom Batman using Cygnet's awesome decals, plus an Arealight cape and Brickforge vambraces.

More M1ngles goodness

Here is another product of M1ngles hard work (and another item to add to my shopping list come payday). This time he has rendered a minifig scale version of Megaman's helmet. I loved Megaman as a kid and will definately be getting myself one of these.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A new customiser

Just came across Praiter Yed over on flickr, he has got some kuhl custom decals on his minifigs... which are star wars themed, which is even better (yey!). I look forward to seeing what he does next (o:

Some more from Fine Clonier

Just spotted these appearing from Fine Clonier... they are Star Wars themed (from the extended universe). As per usual he delivers some very detailed and well applied decals. 

Cade Skywalker (and while I can get along with the eyes... I'm not sure minifigs should have ears, that's a personal opinion and I'm not critising Fine Clonier's decals at all. If he wants ears thats kuhl, I just wouldn't have them myself)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Curly hair sculpture

I recently spotted some brilliant sculpting work by Tom Leech, which I blogged about. I was very impressed with his curly hair piece in particular because it is something that I have been wanting to do but haven't quite managed anything good enough (in my eyes). So, I asked him how he did it and he, very kindly, gave a little explanation. Well, he has been very busy making some for me for my River Song minifig and I want to share it with all of you guys (because it is excellent).

Here you can see the sculpting process and in the description of this picture on Flickr Tom explains the process in a little more detail.
Here you can see the finished, painted hair... nice (o:  I really like the effect Tom gets on his curly hair... especially as its something we really dont see Lego doing. I just want to say a huge thank you to Tom for taking the time to do this for me - you rock (o: Please check out his flickr photostream, he has some really nice minifigures over there (and he hasn't been into making custom minifigs for all that long! Here's to a bright future!)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

A few treats before bed

Another of Morgan190's October minifigs (I'm exercising restraint and not posting ALL of his here because I am hoping you will all keep tabs on his Flickr stream!). Again some nice use of non-lego parts here, as per usual (o: I feel a bit sorry for this chap... not too good at astroboxing is this guy!

Some nice virtual X-Men action again from mnap73. Here he has the X-Men facing off against The Sentinals. Nice to see Iceman in there... he was always a favourite of mine. Check out his flickr photostream for more nice digital superhero goodness.

How about a slice of Lego Dead Space action? Chaosfish1 has put together a dead space themed minifig, which is quite nice. Ok, not the cleanest minifig finish I've seen but... it suits the mood of the game no? I quite like the modded clone helmet here too.

Creations for Charity

I have, ever since getting back into Lego, been very impressed by how much FOLs like to give back to their own community and the wider community. Creations for Charity is one such method and I would urge anyone who can to get involved. This might mean donating creations to be sold or by purchasing donated items. Please visit the web site for more information. 
I think this will probably be the year where I donate as well as buy, as I am planning on making some special custom minifigs to be sold. I hope you guys out there can consider doing something too, if you can.

Black Widow Custom

This Black Widow custom comes courtesy of Ubergeek, who I dont remember seeing much from recently (which is a shame). Apparently this is going to accompany a new Iron Man fig... which I am all in favour of.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Piiiikkkkachuuuuu!! Nooooooo!!

It must be nearly Halloween...

Because Morgan is back! and he's bringing us more horrific minifig magic... here is October 1st.

If you don't already know Morgan (aka Morgan190 on flickr) is a brilliant minifig customiser, who is highly skilled in digital trickery. He also enjoys celebrating the halloween month of October by sharing some creepy, spooky and chilling minifigs with the world. Morgan is very well known for his characteristicly slick presentation style, atmospheric descriptions and use of non-lego pieces on his minifigs to great effect. I'm personally really pleased he's back for this october season and will be checking his flickr stream every morning for a new dose of minifig themed scares and so should you!

Modern Combat minifigures

*TheRaconteur* has put this selection of Modern Combat soldiers together and I think the overall effect is pretty nice. They look painty, which I approve of - in particular the medals painted on the old looking guy (who I suspect is a long lost relation of Harry Potter) (o: