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I love Lego and that's what I'll be blogging about, from great minifigs to awesome mocs via whatever else I find (o:

Friday, 30 September 2011

Burakki's Bricks Legolympic 3012 minifig design contest

Remember guys the second Burakk's Bricks minifig design contest finishes at 11.59pm (GMT) on Sunday 9th October. Head over to the flickr group to find out more details and to post your entries. The lucky winner will recieve 15% off at Firestar Toys and a selection of custom minifig accessories.

Above you can see the demonstration event of 3012, "Force Lifting" which is hoping to be included as a main event in 3016!

Things that make you go...

Thanks for making me smile .guin!  For more digital Lego artistry check out his flickr photostream!

Custom clones

The_custom_one has added some neat new clones to his flickr stream. They have custom decals and printed heads apparently (which look to be similar to the old Jango Fett face).
This is Squawk, I like the teeth/eyes on the helmet of this one...

Phase 2 Captain Rex, with some nice cloth accessories (I'm not sure if these are MMCB or if he has made them himself) and brickarm pistols.

Commander Ganch, quite a well detailed clone here.

There are more clones on his photostream if you want to check them out... it's difficult to know exactly how much of these figs have been done by him from scratch because he doesn't say but they still look great after all the work has gone in to put them together.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's not a custom minifig...

...but it is amazing!
This british semi-detached house by snaillad reminds me so much of my grandparent's old house... ahh, good memories. Check out his photostream for more pictures.

Burakki's Bricks Second Minifig Design Contest

Just a quick reminder that the second minifig design contest will be closing at 11.59 GMT 9th October. 
"The year is 3012 and the competetors are gearing up for the next Legolympic Games. You are tasked with creating an entry for these futuristic games - you may draw your inspiration from the modern or ancient olympic games but this is a contest to let your imagination run wild." Head on over to the contest group at Flickr for more information and rules.
The winner will recieve 15% discount from the wonderful people at Firestar Toys (stockists of Lego and custom accessories from top custom houses) and a selection of custom made accessories as pictured above. There is also likely to be runners-up prizes if the entries warrant them.

Don't forget 1st October!

Just a quick reminder that Arealight and Brickarms resellers will have some exciting new products avaliable from the 1st October.
Arealight will be releasing 16 new printed pieces as of October 1st. These include various helmets and jetpacks. Make sure you check out Arealight's flickr photostream for individual close up shots of these soon to be released accessories.

BrickArms will be releasing their second volume of Mystery Pack via their authorised resellers on October 1st. The first volume was very good and I expect that this volume will be just as successful. Your incentive to buy this time is the possibility of snagging a 24k or prototype weapon. The contents will include a minigun, tactical sword, blood splattered gun and raygun. Please see the BrickArms website for a list of authorised resellers, if you're in the UK head over to


 Blood splattered!
Tac Swords!

Dont forget that you can pick up BrickArms and Arealight accessories at Firestar Toys if you are in the UK. Your one stop shop for all things related to minifigs and customising!

BrickCon and Brickarms

If you're lucky enough to be going to BrickCon this year, here are some of the protos BrickArms will be bringing to the event... they look great *jealous of people who are in the US and are going to BrickCon*

Halloween has come early

Although this is a re-edited and re-posted image from KWG73 it is certainly worth a mention (o: Plus, there is a link in the description to a page which helps to explain how to fit LEDs to minifigures. That's something I have always wanted to have a go at but have never gotten around to.

Fine Clonier: Jared Burks

Just a collection of minifigs from his flickr photostream which I thought are certainly worth sharing.... they're not all neccessarily new but they are kuhl and show off some nice decal work.
These Green (and other colour) Lantern decals are by Chris Campbell.

Check out the Fine Clonier website, here Jared sells decals, custom minifigs and accessories. A really good place to start off for beginners and to support more experienced customisers.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lightsaber love

For such a long time Lego Star Wars fans (myself included) had to put up with the "green" lightsaber being held by my sigfig above. It drove me mad that this "green" lightsaber didn't look at all green and infact was yellow. But then I saw the preliminary pictures of sets 7961 Sith Infiltrator and 7964 Republic Frigate. I couldn't believe what I was seeing - green lightsabers. REAL GREEN lightsabers. Well, needless to say when these sets were released I made it my job to get a hold of some (via bricklink - can't afford the whole sets I'm afraid, although I did pick up some of the figs too). Here is a picture comparing the old "green" blade with the newer green (or trans-bright green to give it the proper title) blade. I love it! Much, much better... thank you Lego (o: 

Mid week round up

Okayaraman brings us Zurg! I like the new gun here but I like the Hornet henchman even more... so simple, yet so effective. Check out the Moc to go with the figures.

I know, these space racers aren't custom minifigures particularly but I love the colour schemes. The girl is kuhl, I like the mix of yellow and the new azure blue from alien conquest. Plus, who doesn't love a girl who drives something fast?  Thanks B.Ezra!

The~Bricker is bringing us some Elite Operatives today. Combining some nice details (tally marks anyone?) with some good use of accessories from top custom house brickarms.

and I just had to round off with some more Geoshift magic. The detailling and painting on this GOW minifig is magnificent! As is the stand on which he is standing. I love the way Geoshift can combine Lego, custom accessories, painting and tabletop gaming elements to create something that still captures the feel of Lego. And that's what makes him one of the best (o:
I mean... seriously... just look at the gun! (o:

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hello Tom Leech!

How did I miss you?  Pop over to Tom Leech's photostream for some of the best custom minifigs I have seen for a while... here are some examples.
Here is the man himself...^

There are lots more.... go now, check them out!

For a limited time...

That's right, I am going to take up to 10 requests from people to make some custom Lego minifigures. I will be charging around £10/20 per figure depending on what is involved (special parts, many working hours etc). I will have a go at creating most things but figures based on things I am interested would be easier (but I am not limiting myself to that). This is to help me to generate some cash to go towards a special project and also to help spark my creativity. If you are interested please drop me an email or Flickr mail. I only want to hear from serious buyers as I am not going to spend hours making a figure which then remains unsold. I tend to use waterslide decals and paint along with stock Lego pieces to create my customs, please see my flickr photostream for more examples of my work.

Monday, 26 September 2011

I love M1ngles!

It's as if he reads my mind.... honestly, he just keeps designing things I have always thought would be kuhl in lego. His new masterpiece is this brilliant rendition of Magneto's helmet (as seen in X-Men first class).

Brilliant or what... again, I urge you to check out his photostream and buy from his shapeways store - especially if you're a fan of Zelda (o:

Doing the rounds

Another fine set of customs from Fine Clonier,  check out his photostream for more Star Trek stuff. I'm loving the fact that Jared is posting lots of customs at the moment.

Nice group shot of Billbobful's custom doctors (Dr Who). A lot of work going into these customs, which is always good to see. Some bits a bit rough but other bits really kuhl. Keep up the good work Billbobful and a lesson for us all, practice makes perfect and it's nice to see customisers improving.

Geoshift, one of the very best at painting minifigs has come up trumps yet again. The finisher on this "Flamethrower" minifig is brilliant. Anyone attempting to paint minifigs should check out his stuff - oh and JasBrick too!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Brick Warriors

So... I'm a little late to the party (and I haven't actually ordered any of their products) but new custom house Brick Warriors is now open for business and have some quite interesting pieces for sale.

Most interesting to me is the minotaur head but there are PLENTY of other accessories to choose from. I will have to see if I can get a hold of some, because only then I can give a real opinion. On a side note, our friends at Firestar Toys are stocking Brick Warriors accessories now, which makes them easier to get here in the UK.

Weekly round-up

Apologies to all who I miss...
Chaos Fish has come up with custom (apparently Hunter from Hunter Prey). A lot of it has quite a rough finish but I was drawn to the helmet. There are more pictures on his photostream.... quite interesting idea.

Quite excited to see Brickarms releasing another mystery pack... I picked up a couple of the first run and was quite impressed. This time the packet will contain a minigun, raygun, tactical sword and a blood splattered weapon. As before the incentive comes from the possiblity of a 24k gold brickarm or a brickarm proto.
Fine Clonier strikes again with this awesome Wonder Woman custom minifig. The decals are really nice but the custom crown is even better still.

And how kuhl is this!?!  I feel another shapeways order coming on. M1ngles brings us yet another amazing video game inspired custom piece. This, of course, is Samus Aran's helmet (of Metroid fame). It comes in two pieces, the helmet and the visor. Two thumbs up from me (o:  I love this guys work... please check it out and buy some too, they really are worth it.

And more good news from custom houses... Arealight is due to release 16 new printed elements on October 1st. Here you can see some of the helmets. Other items include...

I'm personally very excited for these printed jet packs, being a big fan of the mandalorians. Arealight's products are always good quality pieces and well worth spending your money on.